Mandlovu Mission Statement

Mandlovu is a not-for-profit organization created to support visionary artists, writers, and healers who are committed to the exploration, revitalization, and preservation of indigenous wisdom and medicine traditions as paths to planetary healing and peace-making on behalf of all beings. Mandlovu is also committed to the creation of grassroots and community models of healing and peacemaking. Because of the global challenge of these most difficult times, our goal is to sustain those teachers and practitioners whose work is devoted to the generation and manifestation of new forms of consciousness. Mandlovu is an African Ndebele word for elephant, and also is the name for the Great Mother. In addition, Mandlovu describes elephant consciousness, the spiritual group mind that arises spontaneously from the individual intelligences of all of its members. This is one of the models of consciousness that we are investigating as a conceptual blueprint for the development of modes of perception and communication that are not steeped in duality and violence. We are concerned with the threat of extinction to all life and are looking toward our ancestors and visionaries for non-violent and creative ways to meet this crisis. Mandlovu will:

--Make alliances with indigenous healers and medicine people to deepen our understanding of their rituals and traditions in order to integrate such ways and knowledge into our contemporary healing practices;

--Create opportunities for indigenous and Western healers to study, exchange ideas, and work alongside each other;--Investigate the creative, spiritual, ethical, political, and environmental principles of healing;

--Study and develop the way of Story as a profound healing mode for both individuals and communities;

--Examine the relationship between personal and community healing;

--Combine new and ancient ways of understanding sickness and health to develop unique contemporary approaches for the restoration of spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional well-being;

--Work with the premise that all beings are one Being, so that the health of the whole is dependent on the well-being of all its parts, including all beings in the natural world;

--Explore the relationship between spiritual practices, healing, and creativity;

--Foster creative spiritual communities that promote an environment that is inhospitable to violence, and that supports health, generosity, compassion, and respect for all our relations.

Mandlovu is a 501(C)3 project under the sponsorship of SEE (Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs).

Donations to Mandlovu can be made by contacting SEE at:
22231 Mulholland Hwy Suite 209
Calabasas, CA 91302
Telephone: 818-225-9150
Fax: 818-225-9151

Donations can also be made online through SEE
Please make sure to list Mandlovu as the project name.

Thank you!